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MyCPL Glossary



A mentor or guide who is typically available to assist students in things such as course registration degree completion requirements, a variety of campus processes, and more.

Application for Credit Evaluation


The process in MyCPL after a student has requested an individualized assessment and has been approved to move forward with the request. The application for credit is where the student provides evidence of learning for the assessor to evaluate for credit.



An assessor is a subject matter expert, typically faculty, who evaluates training, certifications, and individual student assessments for credit equivalencies.

Course Outcomes


A list of measurable knowledge, skills, and capacity for judgment that a person achieves through a course. These are used to evaluate a student's prior learning when granting credit for a specific course.

Credit For Prior Learning (CPL)


Academic credit awarded for demonstrated competence at the college and university-level gained through learning experiences outside college or university credit-bearing courses and assessed by academically sound and rigorous methods and processes.

External Assessments


Assessment methods that could result in credit for prior learning achieved and assessed through a nationally recognized third-party assessment organization, accredited postsecondary institution, or noncredit instruction. Students demonstrate a level of proficiency that is recognized through curriculum, instruction, program, or a standardized exam.

CPL external assessment types may include, but are not limited to, AP, IB, CLEP, and other national standardized assessments; world languages seals and certificates; industry-recognized credentials, licenses, and certifications; and noncredit instruction in programs such as registered apprenticeships, continuing education, and customized training.



A feature of MyCPL that will provide an overview of a student's profile answers, and activity including the next steps and outcomes of previous credit for Prior Learning requests.



Evidence is pieces of information or documents that support a claim for prior learning, e.g., transcripts, licenses, certificates, job descriptions, articles written, created products, letters, evaluations, etc.

E-portfolio (as used within MyCPL)


The process used by MyCPL at Minnesota State to facilitate the individualized assessment of credit for prior learning. When a student's learning has not been formally assessed, they work with a faculty assessor who will evaluate their learning and compare it to course outcomes. As an example, a student may be asked to provide things such as work examples, demonstrate a skill, take an exam, or a variety of these

Home Campus


The college or university in which a student has chosen to complete a degree or program of study

Internal Assessment


College and university assessment methods and processes used by Minnesota State faculty members to assess students' demonstrated learning and/or competence. CPL internal assessment types may include, but are not limited to, credit by exam, portfolio assessment, interview, skills demonstration, individualized subject-area assessment, group or seminar assessment, and competency-based assessment

Message Center


A component of the MyCPL platform that is used to track responses, communications, and uploads for students, advisors, and faculty assessors.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities - 26 colleges (Associate degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates) and 7 universities (Bachelor and Graduate degrees)

Prior Learning


Learning gained in life, community and/or work-based settings, and through experiences outside of the college or university credit-bearing course, including but not limited to independent study, life experience and reflection, non-credit study programs, career education, continuing education, online learning or instruction, and training or certificate programs. The learning occurs "prior to" the student's request for assessment at a college or university.



A rubric is a standardized grid used to evaluate student evidence to determine credit awards. It helps ensure an equitable review across departments and campuses.



It is a username that replaces many login IDs with one ID, one password, everywhere. You only need one StarID: you can use the same StarID across Minnesota State to log into many services like email, D2L Brightspace, along with MyCPL.



Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. Participating campuses provide transfer equivalencies for students to access. Students should be aware that not all courses or exams may be displayed in Transferology and should inquire with their home campus if they do not see an equivalency.